I Did My First Book Signing + Update!

At the beginning of October I did my first ever book signing! I did it at a local deli during a street festival. It was a lot of fun. I sold copies of my book and talked to people.

While I was there a reporter for the newspaper came up and talked to me. He asked questions about my book and how I got into writing. Then he said he wanted to do an article about me and my book for the paper!

The article came out two weeks later.

I already have two more signings set up for the end of November and beginning of December. One of them is at the library. The library also bought a copy to put on their shelves!

You can get your copy of Royal Fire here

Life has been busy and blogging got pushed to the back of my mind. I am going to try and make blogging a higher priority.

P.S. My comparison for The Hobbit is still coming. :D 

Until next time,

Hello September Blog Tag!!!

Today I'm doing the Hello September blog tag! Yes, I am aware that September is almost over. All of the questions are fall related so I can really do it whenever I want. (As long it's still fall.)

How Do They Compare? // Harry Potter

I changed my blog design! So if you came to The Second Brother and it looked different, you didn't come to the wrong blog.

I am going to try to do a blog series for the first time. It will be called How Do They Compare? I will take a book that was made into a movie and compare them. It won't be a review. I will be seeing how they are similar and different.

The first one will be Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone.

Royal Fire is Released!!!

I have exciting news. My debut novel, Royal Fire is now available on Amazon!

Happy 4th of July!

I was debating whether I should do a June recap post or not since June was a quiet month. Not much happened. Especially compared to May. I ended up deciding not to do one. 

Never fear though. I am still doing a post.

Royal Fire Update & Cover Reveal

I know in my last post I said Royal Fire would be releasing today, but we ran into some "technical difficulties." We thought it was formatted right, but it turns out it wasn't. To make matters worse, there were extra page breaks being added and we couldn't get rid of them.

Well, we finally got rid of them and are close to having it formatted right. I do not have a new release date yet. It should hopefully be published in the next week or two. (I will let you guys know when I have a date picked.)

In the mean time, I have a cover reveal!